After searching for weeks for a stylist that captured the type of style I was wishing to achieve, I discovered Noti. This girl is AMAZING! I’ve used other stylists but this girl gets the job done and fast. As soon as she arrived she got straight into my wardrobe and selected pieces to stay and go, created some outfits I’d never even consider to put together and with my own clothing created an entirely new wardrobe! I booked a shopping tour but after that wardrobe edit I only needed 2-3 things to update my existing wardrobe which alone saved me $100’s as I would have gone out and spent a lot more to update it!!! So damn happy!!! In our shopping trip Noti introduced me to different styles to show me what I could expand my wardrobe to and to give me ideas on how to play with my existing wardrobe. Noti also answered any questions I had via text in regards to direction which was so incredibly helpful!! She knows her stuff and goes to the end of the earth to make you happy. I cannot recommend her enough, she’s been an absolute blessing and I will definitely be catching up with her next year to do it all over again!!! Can’t wait, THANKYOU Noti xx




I first worked with Noti at a creative skills workshop event that was hosted in Brisbane. 

Since then, I’ve gone on to continue working with her on personal shoots.

She is such an awesome person to work with. Always switched on and well prepared for the job.

Her creative thinking and approach is something I highly regard from her as a stylist. And it definitely makes my job as a photographer a lot easier.

From a photographers perspective, I would highly recommend her to those looking for a stylist for shoots.

Franco De Luzuriaga Galea

Noti was super professional but also had amazing fun ideas. She really knew how to make me feel very comfortable and that different looks she created all worked amazingly. 

Noti would try different things with the garments I wouldn’t have even thought of!!
She has such a talented, creative flare and a massive eye for detail. 

It was such a pleasure working together and I would love Noti to style every day (if that were possible). 

Highly highly recommend!




Noti was more than wonderful when I asked her to be my personal shopper at the recent Brisbane Camilla warehouse sale! Not only did she manage to get every item that I was after, she also got many other girls sought after pieces too! She was so lovely and helpful throughout the entire process and managed to send off my items very quickly which got my amazing pieces in my hot little hands ASAP!”


“I just have to say such a big thank you to Noti Mafico for shopping for me at the Brisbane Camilla Warehouse Sale. Being in Adelaide. I am very grateful and absolutely ADORE the kimono she bought for me. I can’t wait to wear it!!!👏👏💖🎉🌟👘. She really is an angel”.