Colour Pop

If you're the girl who can't be trusted to wear white without staining it, then you're in luck.

Pink is in.

I do admit, incorporating colour into your wardrobe is quite tricky, especially if you're like me who tends to see nothing but neutral hues & nudes when shopping. 

“I’m just highly selective. You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.” 
— Cher

If your friends have basically stopped asking you what you're wearing, because the answer is always the same and 100 per cent predictable, black then I urge you to stay true to yourself. Don't be a 'fashion victim’ or ‘ensemble-y challenged' trying to be 'trendy'. But if you're feeling funky, come join us on the bright side.

In case you haven't noticed, the leading Fashion brands have graced us with vibrance this season & I'm rather enjoying indulging myself (I'm sure you've noticed). I suggest you do too, it's refreshing. According to research, looking at warm, bright colours, such as red or pink, releases dopamine — known as the “feel-good hormone” — which can improve our mood.

As you may have noticed, my style is quite minimalistic; simplistic with a tinge of EXTRA. Notice I capitalised the extra as it's usually all or nothing with me. I'm also not one to accessorise, I'm really trying to improve this, bear with me. I can't say I'm 100% happy with each look but I can say each one is an accurate representation of how I incorporate colour into my wardrobe & each of the pieces I have chosen are what I'd consider to be the core of my wardrobe, right down to the sunglasses. 

outfit 3.5 (12).jpg


I did two variations of this look because I have a smaller frame so I understand that some of my styling choices may not suit everyone. This FUCHSIA knit is an absolute dream. It says I LOVE Winter fashion & I'm not afraid to show it. However, this piece tends to overpower me due to its cut and colour so pairing it with pumps & skinny jeans suits my body shape more.

It's also hard to find the right tone of denim & I feel these are just right as they are not too faded or too dark. Every girl needs a nude pump, I only just got these the other day & have contemplated sleeping in them because I'm completely & utterly in love.

Scanlan Theodore Alpaca Sweater RRP: $380

Manning Cartell Pointed Pump RRP: $449

Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Ankle Jeans RRP: $229

outfit 2 (9).jpg


I walked into Scanlan & was immediately drawn to this tee. It was screaming at me to buy it. Clothes DO talk when you're a self-diagnosed shopaholic. I can't stress enough how useful it is to have a go-to leather skirt in your wardrobe & a simple black heel. My Aje Shrimpton Mini Skirt is & always will be my staple. I usually pair it with a black tee or something neutral but damn I'm living for this combo, the tee is everything.

Aje Shrimpton Mini RRP: $350

Tony Bianco Sierra Heel RRP:$189.95

Scanlan Theodore Lipstick T-Shirt RRP: $90

outfit 3 (8).jpg


I feel this look is more feminine (for me at least). I bought these jeans in London, paid a premium but boy were they an investment. Pairing such a bright pink with white makes it POP even more but just so much so that it draws the right amount of attention to it, along with the details on the arms.

Scanlan Theodore Alpaca Sweater RRP: $380

Rag & Bone Ankle Justine RRP: $250

Tony Bianco Sierra Heel RRP: $189.95

Photography by Carolyn Huynh