I'm not trying to be Miranda Priestley here, but girls need to stop being pre-makeover Andy and take some time to understand the origins of fashion today. I'm not much of a writer, I like to think of myself as a vocal author - I carefully construct rants and deliver them ever so articulately to whoever will listen. After encouragement from those who've grown tired of my ranting (thanks mum), I've decided to share my thoughts in a more structured manner, however controversial they may be.

It filtered down through the department stores and then trickled down to some tragic casual corner where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin.
— Miranda Priestley

And so, the "structured" rant begins.....

In case you didn't know, the Alice McCall You're So Young So Have Fun Girl Playsuit that seemed to make every girl feel young in 2016, featuring playful proportions and a dramatic silhouette was actually inspired by the Balmain Fall 2016 Pink Embellished Fringe Mini Dress. I watched in awe as Alice McCall took the fashion industry by storm with a design so effortless and unique. Filtered down to third-tier designer labels to cater to the "everyday girl", I could've sworn I saw that Ice Blue worn or wanted more than Samantha says "sex" in Sex and the City. Now, to call yourself a "fashion lover" or a "fashionista", you must understand where it all began. Therein lies my problem, we're blithely unaware. Trends come and go, who cares where they come from right?

Alice McCall You're So Young So Have Fun Girl Playsuit (left) Balmain Pink Embellished Fringe Mini Dress (right)

Alice McCall You're So Young So Have Fun Girl Playsuit (left) Balmain Pink Embellished Fringe Mini Dress (right)

is that Gucci?
— 2017

...The year Gucci became mainstream - words you'd never expect to hear, but it's still happening. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a girl selling "Gucci" T-shirts that were so obviously fake...(well I thought it was obvious). There were DOZENS of comments with girls dying to get their hands on one. Priced at $45 about 3 of the comments read "is this real?". I was seething. To think a $500 t-shirt had been cheapened so much & striped of its imperialism… that these girls obviously had ZERO idea about what Gucci is and the symbolicalness of the brand. 

Controversial opinion? Maybe so. I insist that some brands just aren't meant to be affordable and accessible to everyone. Gucci, a brand so unique, so intricate deserves to be worn by those who own a Birkin Bag or two.

If you don't know what a Birkin Bag is please keep reading.

"But Noti, you own a hire company with the sole purpose of making designer garments accessible to the "every day" girl?" Yes, this is true, you got me there. I just see Gucci, especially, as one of the highest of high fashion brands and I think we should help to preserve its exclusivism. In my opinion, it's a brand that we mere mortals should really only dream of wearing - the price tags are testament of this. Remember when Beyonce rocked a $21,000 Gucci Kimono to an NBA game?... And ya'll are here asking if a $45 "Gucci" t-shirt is real? If buying a $500 t-shirt is a distant and unthinkable concept to you, you shouldn't be sporting a cheaply made cotton, tangerine striped "Gucci" t-shirt with a rust coloured logo.

When I finally saved enough money to buy a Gucci Belt myself, I treated it like my unborn child,  literally never wanting to let it go. It's still in the box, carefully tucked away in its dust bag. Hands down the most valuable thing I own...I'm hardly worthy. Now I'm not contradicting myself here, I can't even afford to look at a Birkin Bag...but I feel as though I truly took the time to understand the brand before I bought the belt.. after all, it was $500. I feel this is important, especially for those of you who call yourselves "fashion lovers". I guess you can say this somewhat inspired me to write this post (rant). Understanding how symbolic the Gucci brand is made me see how fakes are taking away from its imperial image.

I was doing my daily scroll again (yes, I have a lot of spare time), when I saw a girl hiring her Gucci Belt for $120. To my utter disappointment (not so much surprise), about 3 girls jumped in begging to buy it. My jaw was on the floor. If a Gucci Belt is ever selling for less than $400, it's either fake or the seller picks up after their dog with $100 bills. Can you believe I even had someone ask me what online store I had bought my belt from? Gucci., I replied... not that the gleaming gold brass G's on my belt buckle weren't enough of a hint. You see, there are literally so many fakes circulating we can't even decipher what's real anymore....

It's sad, it really is. I'm no expert and I'm not trying to be either. You're probably thinking, who does this chick think she is? I'm certainly no Miranda Priestly - probably more of an Emily than anything, rather blunt and a little narcissistic when it comes to this.

Can you tell the Devil Wears Prada is my favourite movie?

Love it or hate it, the fashion industry essentially shapes our identities. What's in and what's not is chosen by a few people in a room somewhere in the world - crazy isn't it? From someone who loves to indulge in the beauty that is fashion, I feel it deserves some respect...well at least more than we're currently giving it.

That's all.

That's all.