“All my designer garments for hire are naturally me”. - Noti Mafico

I'm Noti, founder & owner of Noti x Nature - Designer Outfit Hire Company.

The struggle is real when you're a student and don't have money lying around to spend buying a designer outfit that you're only going to wear once.

With this in mind, in mid 2015, I decided to start a Designer Clothing Hire Company, partly due to my over-flowing designer wardrobe and mostly because of my hatred of outfit repeating. The name 'Noti x Nature' is purely based on the concept that all my designer garments for hire are "naturally me" - clothes that I've hand picked & are influenced by my personal style. My core mission is to remove money as a barrier for women to look and dress their best.

No more of those last minute freak outs when you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to wear.

I'm here to help.